ANKE@CMEF 2021 | 35 Prosperous Years, Imaging Your Dream


Let us take you to review of the 84th CMEF, ANKE successfully attended the first grand medical fair in spring of 2021. The year of 2021 is the second year after the outbreak of COVID-19, after a year and a half of stubborn resistance to the epidemic, many companies have worked hard and back in business.


Let’s keep the all the wonderful moments of 2020 in mind


The year of 2020 is almost close to the end, we believed we have had a meaningful year again. We has conquered a lot of difficulties, and also gained a lot. Because of the COVID-19, the year of 2020 will destined to be a very special year for everyone. As a member of the guardian of human health, ANKE never stopped the practical actions in the epidemic year. On the other hand, although COVID-19 had created obstacles of ANKE’s overseas business development, but ANKE’s international sales and after-sales team still devote their passion our overseas market.


See More, See Unseen-ANKE successfully launched ANATOM S800


The Spectacular 256 slice CT-ANATOM S800 was unveiled and released gorgeously in in Xi’an in December 2020. The year of 2020 is really tough for everyone, recently, we had just walked through the golden Autumn, and completed the one of the grandest conferences in APEC area-CMEF, and we ushered the most famous medical imaging experts conference-Chang’an City Forum.


Invitation letter of online ECR 2020


Unable to attend the face-to face exhibition? Don’t worry, ANKE will take you enjoy the virtual exhibition of ECR 2020. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the traditional ECR exhibition on 11-14 of March had been cancelled and changed into online virtual exhibition on 15-19 of July. However, for the consideration of the demands and safety of our loyal customers, ANKE had prepared an online exhibition and decided to deliver a new exhibition experience to all of you. You don’t have to go outside, just stay at your home or office, you can also join us and take comprehensive viewing experiences.


COVID-19 battlefield-ANKE’ s AI technology assist CT diagnosis


Until 23th of March, the COVID-19 had infected over 100 countries in the world, it almost covered every continent in the earth, and spread very rapily over the world. The total existing confirmed coronavirus cases already close to 220000 and the accumulated cases had already over 250000. Some countries such as Italy, Iran, Germany, France, and Spain are all severely frustrated. On the date fo 11st of March the World Health Organization had announced the COVID-19 breakout as a pandemic (is a disease epidemic that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents, or worldwide). Currently, the world are shrouded in the fight against COVID-19 atmosphere. This is really an intense challenge for all the medical related workers. How to use the latest technology to achieve the best testing and diagnosis results had become the most urgent and concerned subject.


Mobile CT “Tianlu” reached Shenzhen Emergency Center; ANKE’s new solution to fight against COVID-19


During the epidemic period mobile (vehicle-mounted) CT had become very popular CT solution to instead of traditional CT testing ways in some badly infected areas because of the effective, convenient and flexible characteristics. In March, ANKE’s “Tianlu” reached Shenzhen Emergency Center, and we made another contribution to the COVID-19 battlefield.