About Us

Mission & Vision


Tunasco aims to provide the best outstanding quality products and services from its seven trading divisions namely, Building materials division, Fast moving consumer goods division, Healthcare division, Petroleum division, construction division, defense division and energy division.


Tunasco plans to optimize its future position by diversifying its revenue streams and leveraging its core competencies by offering great value additions and setting up production and manufacturing plants locally.


We are ever prepared to offer the services outlined upon invitation and contribute our expertise for the smooth running of the proposed works. we have a comprehensive consortium comprising men and women of national repute with immense experience and skills for any project conceivable.

Tunasco Commitment

We are committed to be the leading solutions provider to our customers. We continually improving & implementing a quality management to achieve it


Tunasco management team is comprised of competent personnel who are passionate about delivering solutions that transcend time. The team is diverse and build of years of experience in different industries. The team has managed to achieve great networks in the business world and deliver exceptionally up and beyond what they are tasked on and have continually ensured customer satisfaction on all projects undertaken.

Our Values

Tunasco Insaat T.T.T.A.S is an active member of the following organizations just to name but a few:-

  • Kenya Chamber of commerce and industry
  • Ugandan Chamber of commerce and industry