Building Material Division

Building Material Division

In this division Tunasco stocks retail and wholesale high quality construction and finishing materials that compete with the all major building materials outlets in the country. We stock the following items categories in our outlets in large quantities, best value and affordable pricing:-
1. Bathroom Accessories
2. Tiles and floor materials
3. Building materials
4. Decoration and interiors
5. Steel Doors and aluminum windows
6. Kitchen items and accessories
7. Plumbing items
8. Tools
9. Electricals
10. Garden accessories
11. Safety equipment’s

Tunasco target customers in the building materials division are in 3 unique categories:-
1. Real Estate Developers members
2. Bill Of Quantities Center Members
3. Walk in Customers to our showrooms

Red Club Members: – These are professionals who are active in the real estate
business and who have a common problem that we have a solution for.
This professionals are namely:-
• Contractors
• Architects
• Property Developers

BOQ Center Members: – This group of customers are persons who are in need of a planning solutions while constructing namely:-
• Interior designers
• Individuals renovating their houses or offices

Walk in Customers: – This group comprises of persons who walk in to any of our showrooms or warehouses with an aim to shop for home interior finishes. Our showrooms are setup professionally and look quite appealing to the passing eye. We reach these customers by placing advertisements on billboards on major roads in Nairobi city center; these billboards attract our customers by offering irresistible discounts on products.