Defence Division

Defence Division

Tunasco defense division deals with the supply of both hardware (i.e. P.K.M, Dushka, R.P.G and ammunitions just to name but a few) for the Kenya police service, ministry of defense, Kenya wildlife service, National youth service and other armed forces. Tunasco is the representative of MKEK a company owned by then ministry of Defense in Turkey, Corvus Slovakia s.r.o in (Slovakia), Sur Military,
Elektron Hesablayci Masinlar (Azerbaijan), and scientific production Enterprise iglim (Azerbaijan) amongst others.

Tunasco is also represents Makina exclusively for Kenya, Uganda and Zambia and has supplied and executed contracts on their behalf & or jointly through Tunasco in the past.

Tunasco has partnered with the Ugandan government through N.E.C to setup a manufacturing facility which will produce gun powder, uniforms for the army, police, and prisons. The facility will also be used to produce various other textiles needed by the government “from farm to fork”.

Ministry of Defense: – we have in the recent past supplied military hardware and software to the ministry through actively participating in ministry advertised tenders and won. Using our international partners we are able to supply to all ministry of defense needs.

Kenya Police Service: – We have also in the recent past supplied to the needs of the Kenya police service both hardware and software needs to their specification through the help of our international partners.

National Youth Service: – Tunasco has been privileged to have been awarded the tender to supply N.Y.S new look uniforms severally in the recent past and we have done so using our brand Turkwell. Tunasco has extensive knowledge in the sourcing supply and delivery of various military wears all dependent on our customer needs.