Green Revolution

TUNASCO INSAAT A.S is Promoting Eletric Buses in Kenya with a view to Modernize Kenyan transportation,reduce pollution and provide enhanced features for passegners, Such as improved safety and comfortabl


Smart Auto Smat future

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Safe and Comfortable

Battery, motor protection level reaches IP68 above, without any restriction. The new generation of power battery thermal management system, equipped with heating & cooling system and insulation, can work in the ambient temperature of -35~45℃, meet the different regional climate environment application. Double steering booster pump, double guarantee. Equipped with a new generation of fire detection system, and automatic fire extinguisher, whole-process monitoring, active fire extinguishing, to ensure safety. Equipped with follow-up meters, airbag shock absorbers, and 12 "full LCD meters, the rational layout of the driving area effectively alleviates driving fatigue. The low entrance is designed with the ECAS system to make it more convenient for elderly and young passengers and people with disabilities. To maximize the interior space, the seat layout is scientific and reasonable, to ensure the ride comfort and improve the carrying efficiency.


The vehicle three-stage network system, so that the vehicle more intelligent, lightweight, simple maintenance. The vehicle integrates active safety systems such as lane departure/collision warning/AEBS/360 ring vision/fatigue driving warning/tire pressure monitoring, with the vehicle's wit as the core, taking the safety protection of members and vehicles to a whole new level.


The new generation of lightweight body and chassis design, the vehicle weight is 5% less than the previous generation. The new upgraded drive control strategy optimizes the output characteristics of the drive motor according to the actual operating road conditions, saving 5-10% energy.