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Vertically Integrated Solar PV Value Chain

LONGi’s technological and manufacturing leadership in solar wafers, cells and modules underscores our commitment to helping accelerate the clean energy transition. By offering high-quality, reliable products and systems, we provide holistic solutions for the solar and renewables industry.

Hi-MO 5/Hi-MO 4m/Hi-MO 4

Hydrogen LONGi Green Hydrogen Solution

Eco-friendly Power Station Solution

Core Advantages

The solution value runs through the whole life cycle, and is committed to improving the power generation capacity, control of equipment life, efficiency and the project benefits.

Efficient Delivery

Deepen the excavation of product integration potential, and comprehensively compare the potentials with solutions through simulation tools, continuously amplify product advantages, and constantly enhance the efficiency of power stations, "make full use of" every kilowatt-hour of electricity.


Customized services can be provided according to the needs, including hierarchical delivery of power stations, ecological environment management, and combination with other industries, extending from multiple angles and in various industries.

Life-cycle Services

Power station consultation, site survey, solution design, project applicationproject investment, EPC, O&M, examination and other full-life-cycle customer services can be provided.

Core Values

According to the different construction sites, installation locations and methods, we provide solutions for large-scale flat PV power station, general mountain PV power station, complex mountain PV power station and water surface PV power station.

Large-scale Flat PV Power Station Solution

Mainly for large-scale ground PV power stations, which are characterized by flat ground and centralized plots for projects

General Mountain PV Power Station Solution

Mainly for general mountain PV power stations, which are characterized by small mountain slope, relatively centralized plots, and most slopes with southern orientation.

Complex Mountain PV Power Station Solution

Mainly for complex mountain PV power stations, which are characterized by large mountain slopes, multiple orientations for slopes and scattered power station plots

Large-scale Water Surface PV Power Station Solution

Mainly for general large-scale water surface PV power stations, which are characterized by large-scale water surface, relatively stable water level and no aquaculture.

Eco-friendly Power Station


.Use green energy and provide green power
.Conserve land to achieve harmonious coexistence with natural environment
.Use renewable energy sources for manufac


.Relatively high power prediction accuracy
.Strong grid operation adaptability
.Strong support for grid operation


.Deep integration of PV system products, suitable for the characteristics of various power stations
.Adapt to terrain, reduce land occupation on the same scale
.Improve core equipment, system solutions


.Based on excellent product genes
.Take the full life cycle as management method
.Guaranteed by digital, efficient and accurate

Tunasco Insaat A.s will provide you with professional consulting services, technical knowledge of friendly PV power station solution, professional business models of PV industry and full-life-cycle capabilities. Welcome to contact us.